Monday, April 30, 2012


My entry for the letter Z is Zelda for the A to Z challenge. Now I mean the game as a whole and just not the character. Anyways, this subject wasn’t planned but just came to the top of my head. I literally have just sat down at 7:51 AM on Saturday the 28th of April, wondering what to do for the letter Z. Zelda popped into mind and why not? I do enjoy the games and they are one of my favorites.

The Legend of Zelda has always been an inspiration for my current WIP just like Metroid has been an inspiration for my science fiction novel I’m also working on. Now although I find some of my inspiration in video games, I hope my plots, characters, and story as a whole is better than that of video games.

When I say they inspire me, I don’t mean that they are what I measure my story to but only that they knock me into the writing mood for the specific genre. When I play the Zelda games, I find myself craving to write about fantasy and adventure while playing games such as Metroid, I crave writing about science fiction, adventure, and mystery.

From what I have read, there are two kinds of writers, the ones who have to feel the excitement of the story and others who don’t care to I suppose. Well, I’m most defiantly the one who has to feel the excitement; so playing Zelda is a means to knock me into the fantasy genre mood where I can write with more passion I guess you would say.

Although I have typically been happy with the plot lines in the games, I must reiterate my defense and say that I do not measure my stories to them. Video games are usually lacking in character development and sometimes the stories aren’t as well developed as they could be. I would have to say that underdeveloped plots inspire to me to do better. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie or play a game that really is just lame but I like to think how I would make it better. I can do this in writing and I try to make unique plots.

So that’s it for my post and this is the last of the A to Z challenge. I’m glad I participated and we’ll see what happens when it comes back around. Thanks for stopping by!    

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today for the A to Z challenge I have chosen the word yuck. I’m really coming to the end of my ideas so I may be stretching this a little bit but my subject is concerning four pet peeves of mine just off the top of my head.

I must make a defense first however of this topic. One of the definitions of yuck is something unpleasant. Well, these pet peeves are certainly unpleasant. Although their nothing you would call disgusting per say, they certainly agitate me.

These are my four pet peeves:
Ø  Conservatives who don’t realize that they hold onto the very same principles that have taken liberals where they currently are now. Ultimately both liberals and conservatives are heading the same direction just at different rates and with slightly different views.
Ø  Conservatives who aren’t willing to tackle the core roots of the problems in America.
Ø  People who decry homeschooling as an institution that will render one unable to function properly in life all though statistics show otherwise. It seems to me that these handicapped homeschoolers are doing pretty well in life. I’m glad I’m one of them.
Ø  Facebook and forwarded emails that accuse you of not loving Jesus Christ if you don’t forward or repost whatever it is that they want you to forward or repost. The Bible says many will stand before him and say, “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Yours name? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Matt 7:21-23. I wonder how many of those people are the ones who didn’t repost.
These are the four that come to mind but I’m sure there’s more. Again, it is a stretch I think associating these with the word yuck but I’m running out of ideas. So, yuck, these things are so unpleasant to me.      

Friday, April 27, 2012


X- Mon is my pick for the letter X in the A to Z challenge. When my brother and I were kids we enjoyed the Poke’mon show and collecting the cards even though we never really played the game; we did play the video games however.

I remember when I was young, my brother and I would watch the show with our mom and we enjoyed it as a family. We liked it so much that we began to make up our own Poke’mon creatures and draw them; however, as we got older I guess playing something off of TV seemed immature for our age, so we made up our own story and called it X-Mon.

The story’s setting is, a world humanity discovers and populates. On this planet, which I cannot remember its name, are creatures with strange powers, like Poke’mon, and they could be taken as pets and trained to battle. Instead of Poke’balls they had small throwing disk that turned out to accomplish the same task just as well.

Among men and X-Mon, you then had the X- Fighters. These characters had the ability to fuse temporally with their X-Mon to fight off the villains. Our X-Mon must have adopted Digimon elements along the way.

One of the greatest villains I can remember was an alien species known as the Planters. They were a parasitic alien and could inhabit and control its host(They planted themselves inside of their host). These villains sought to take the planet as their own but first would have to go through the X- Fighters.

As most of my current stories today have stolen elements from previous ones, X-Mon is no exception. I forget sometimes but many of my current stories do in fact possess elements from it. The particular X-Fighter that was the main character I played as in X-Mon name was Jainick; the name more so than the character was transplanted into my current WIP. He possesses no ability to fuse with creatures of unique abilities or is anything of a heroic fighter, yet.

The villainess group known as the Planters too have been transplanted in another story of mine; not the one with Jainick but another. This group’s name was changed however to Abons which was then changed to Playgeians; Abons are now a special military force within the Playgeian government.

Also, out of the Planters was my favorite villain, Tiedroe. If you have been keeping up with my other entries on the challenge, then you already know a little bit about who he is. He was the subject for my letter T and is now known as Stalazar who is air to the throne in the Playgeian government. It is he who will determine which alien species is worthy to be assimilated into their society.  

Sometimes I miss the adventures of these old characters in X-Mon but enjoy immensely their new places and those adventures. I’ll never forget the fun times I had with my brother, pretending to be X-Fighters who fought to save the world from both Planters and other powerful Villains. They were fun times indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed!




Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wayword Scarn

Wayword Scarn is the subject today for the letter W in the A to Z challenge. Many of the characters I have described throughout this challenge have been villains, and here again is another villain from my WIP.

Wayword Scarn is a smuggler who delivers a weapon of mass destruction into the hands of the terrorist cell Geira. He is only seen once in the story but despite the small appearance he makes, such great terror results from his work. His craving for money outweighs any convictions of morals or considerations of resulting consequences of his dealings with terrorist.

Upon all his meetings with clients, he takes around two body guards with phantom abilities. They follow him anywhere he goes and kills any living person Mr. Scarn sicks them on. Their ability to disappear into shadows allows them the element of surprise and elusiveness to escape any opponent. The origin of these abilities are never known and it is questionable whether they are even human.

Scarn is no smuggler to be taken lightly. He has many friends in high places and has constructed an elaborate network of connections that can keep him cloaked from the eyes of governments and buy his freedom if caught. It cannot be forgotten too that if one seeks to get to Scarn, they must go through two phantoms first. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Valengribe is my post for the letter V in the A to Z challenge. In my first written book that is in the process of being edited, Valengribe is a tribe of vampires. They are the most feared of all and roam the treacherous terrains of the Deldaron woods.

Malceraz, the chief of the tribe, the deadliest vampire known, has a love of toying with his prey. He establishes and organizes games in the tribe by allowing their captives a chance to freedom. If one can slay a vampire, they may go free but such a thing is nearly impossible as vampires are much more agile, quicker, and resilient. This hopeful chance is nothing more than just a means of gory entertainment as the victim struggles against his vampire opponent.

Falling prey to any other tribe is deemed fortunate when compared to Valengribe. They are the most elusive of all other tribes and every militia has failed to squash their insolence and crimes. Valengribe doesn’t get found unless they want to be found. The mere mention of their name strangles conversations and causes all to shutter.   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For the A to Z challenge for the letter U, I have chosen Uglie. It is the name of my blog and my first book that is currently in the editing process. First off, the Uglie is the primary villain in the story and is a genie of sorts. It serves the one who awakens it but has a strong persuasive influence that it uses to achieve its own agenda rather than its master’s.  

A further description of the story is below:

Jainick a young man who lives with his family in the poverty stricken village of Jorn struggles with the rest of his siblings to put supper on the table each day.  With the sudden devastation and pillaging of Jorn by the feared race of zombies, Jainick is captured and carried away. But taking his chance for freedom, he finds himself embarking on a journey against wizards, vampires, and a mystical creature called the Uglie. A journey to salvage five keys which, in the wrong hands, will bring the end of their world and bring into existence another. 

Further details:

First of all I must say more on the zombies. They aren't the typical kind, since typically zombies don't pillage, devastate for sure, but pillaging not usually. This kind is more intelligent and are able to carry and operate machinery of mass destruction. I imagine them to look something between an Orc and the typical zombie we're all used to. However, out of respect for the original zombie, I have made a place for them too in my fantasy adventure.

To the main character now, Jainick, who escapes the hands of the zombie captors, eventually meets allies to accompany him on his journey. The first being Mortagragh, either a vampire or elf; they are indistinguishable. Mortagraph claims the latter, but there are skeptics. The second ally is the Great Glen Fockner, an agent for the empire and dread to zombies. However, in this adventure he is going to be facing off against deadly foes much more dangerous than that of zombies.

So I’m excited about the story and hope others will enjoy it as much as I have when it is published. I hope that time will be soon but I must restrain myself and be patient; as I do not want to put out a poorly developed story. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Tidroe is a character of mine that doesn’t exist anymore, but in a way still does. Ever since I was just a young child I liked developing story plots and characters to act out the plots and Tidroe was one of those characters.

As I got older he began to morph into something else and was uprooted from the original story he belonged in. For a while he hopped from plot to plot until at last he found a story he would call home once and for all; however, from his frequent transplants from story to story, his character had changed quite a bit and I am not sure if I could ever think of him as the man I once called Tidroe.

Yes, his name is no longer Tidroe as that changed too. It changed three times in fact. It went from Tidroe, to Kidroe, and finally Stalazar. Personally I prefer the latter name much more than the prior.

Anyways, the jest of his character is the same. He is an extraterrestrial being that seeks conquest. I enjoy thinking about where he has come from and who he is now. I like his character exceedingly well but wonder if I could ever consider him as the same alien I once new as Tidroe. Perhaps this Tidroe character will reappear as an independent being one day and wouldn’t it be interesting if he happened to be some great adversary of Stalazar?