Monday, April 30, 2012


My entry for the letter Z is Zelda for the A to Z challenge. Now I mean the game as a whole and just not the character. Anyways, this subject wasn’t planned but just came to the top of my head. I literally have just sat down at 7:51 AM on Saturday the 28th of April, wondering what to do for the letter Z. Zelda popped into mind and why not? I do enjoy the games and they are one of my favorites.

The Legend of Zelda has always been an inspiration for my current WIP just like Metroid has been an inspiration for my science fiction novel I’m also working on. Now although I find some of my inspiration in video games, I hope my plots, characters, and story as a whole is better than that of video games.

When I say they inspire me, I don’t mean that they are what I measure my story to but only that they knock me into the writing mood for the specific genre. When I play the Zelda games, I find myself craving to write about fantasy and adventure while playing games such as Metroid, I crave writing about science fiction, adventure, and mystery.

From what I have read, there are two kinds of writers, the ones who have to feel the excitement of the story and others who don’t care to I suppose. Well, I’m most defiantly the one who has to feel the excitement; so playing Zelda is a means to knock me into the fantasy genre mood where I can write with more passion I guess you would say.

Although I have typically been happy with the plot lines in the games, I must reiterate my defense and say that I do not measure my stories to them. Video games are usually lacking in character development and sometimes the stories aren’t as well developed as they could be. I would have to say that underdeveloped plots inspire to me to do better. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie or play a game that really is just lame but I like to think how I would make it better. I can do this in writing and I try to make unique plots.

So that’s it for my post and this is the last of the A to Z challenge. I’m glad I participated and we’ll see what happens when it comes back around. Thanks for stopping by!    


  1. Hi James! Just read your post - don't be afraid to pull inspiration from Zelda! With enough work, you can turn anything into a great story. :)

    I've tagged you in a post, btw!

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