Monday, February 20, 2012

44 Questions about myself. Now You Know Me Inside And Out

Things got busy for me for a little while so I wasn’t able to respond to everything I was tagged in right away but here I am with some time. The first set of questions I was tagged in was Jennifer Fischetto.

1. What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do but don't?
Computer Graphic design.

2. If you could instantly know a foreign language (one you don't already know), which would it be?
Arabic, I don’t know why.

3. What is your first birthday memory?
Over at my Grandma’s when I was real young. I cut my own piece for the first time.

4. If you could go back to age 21 (assuming you're legal, lol), knowing what you know now, would you?
I’ll answer this in another three years.

5. If you went to your prom, was it everything you hoped? And if you didn't, do you regret it?
I am homeschooled and have never gone to prom and never really desire to. Big parties aren’t really my thing.

6. Would you rather: perfect health, complete wealth, or never aging?
I would have to go with complete wealth.

7. What is your favorite TV show from childhood?
I have always loved Sponge Bob.

8. Which is the best book you've read in the past year?
Oamen Grounds written by my brother. It hasn’t been published yet.

9. Which is your favorite book of all time?
Taken, by Dean Koontz.

10. Which kitchen appliance could you not live without (not including the basics, fridge, stove, and sink)?
It would have to be between a microwave or dishwasher… no, it would definitely be the coffee pot.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather use an outhouse or have no electricity, forever?
I love camping but I must have electricity at home.

The second is from Jacob Adams.

1.What is one author you can’t refuse?
Dean Koontz

2.Do you listen to music while writing or prefer silence?
Must have music at all cost.

3.To you, what is the hardest thing about writing?
Making yourself sit down and do it.
4.What is something that happened in your childhood that influenced your writing today?

My love to create stories and my mom’s first published novel. The Winds of the Molornu.

5.Movie night: comedy, Sci-fi, Romance, or Horror?
I’m always interested in a good Sci-fi flic.

6.What is your biggest pet peeve?
Conservatives who don’t realize they hold to liberal roots.

7.Favorite season?
I like spring but Fall is nice as well. Things slow down in fall.

8.What was the first book you simply could not put down?

Jurassic Park was really good.

9.If you could time travel (without the ability to influence the past), what time period?

The civil war time, so I could see what all really went down then.

10.Would you live on the moon or Mars if ever given a chance? Why or Why not?
If possible I’ll stay here on earth but between the two, I must pick the moon. It has a nice ambience and I have wondered what earth looks like from there.

11.What is the biggest thing that scares you?
Not knowing how you’re supposed to do something that has a deadline.

Here are the questions from Misha Gericke.

1.Do you believe in fate?
I believe in a sovereign God (Jesus Christ) who has the past present and future written out.

2. How the heck do you write and have a life?
Maybe I don’t have one. I work a job, do school, sleep and write when on my day off.

3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed?
Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.
4. Sweet or Savory?

5. What's your big dream?
Publish all my story ideas.
6. Fondest memory?
This is a hard one. Maybe when my brother and I played as the alien race known as the shadows.

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count)
More time in the day.

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one?
I like to write about people with exciting lives but I would be content  to have the latter.

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake?
Plenty of times. I work part time at a radio station and once have ejected a certain program out of the play list because I thought there was not enough time for it but found there was plenty. I had some angry callers.

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through?
I didn’t realize how to fix it until there was no time.

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done?
A little bit of both. I can’t stand red and green squiggly lines across my draft.

Here are my answers to Vicki Orians.

What two characters would you like to see battle each other?
Oh this is a good question. I could come up with lots of ideas but off the top of my head I would say Brike against Isaac Kierken.
   Who is your greatest inspiration?
When it comes to writing, it is my mom who has published two of her books.
  If you could change places with any book character, who would it be and why?
I’ll pick one of my own, Mortagragh. He’s quite stealthy and I’ve always wanted to be stealthy although my life hasn’t really called for it.
Sum up your current Wip in one sentence.
An invading enemy that does not realize there being manipulated to serve another person’s agenda.
Are you a plot-driven writer or a character-driven writer?
Definitely a plot-driven writer; however I like to try and come up with unique characters.
What is your biggest fear?
I think I answered this above in another set of questions.
When you walk into a book store, where do you go first?
Sci-fi and fantasy.
Cats or dogs?
  You’ve just been placed in the witness protection program. What’s your alias?
The name that has been pressing on my mind lately is Robert Knarles. However, if such a thing happened, I couldn’t use that alias now can I.
Would you rather live in outer space or under the sea? Why?
The sea; it is almost as much as a mystery to me as space.
  If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you choose to live without?
This is a hard one. I think I would reluctantly give up smell. I love smells but I don’t think I could live without sight and hearing or the others.  


  1. Wow, you are a trooper answering all those questions. :) I haven't read much of Dean Koontz's latest stuff, but his first stuff made me an instant fan. The first horror book I ever read was his Whispers. I was 15 and couldn't put it down.

    Way to go on being homeschooled. My kids are too and they enjoy it. Or they at least enjoy not going to public school. lol

  2. The books I have read by Dean Koontz I think are more recent. Taking, Life Expectancy,and others I can't quite remember the titles. I'm currently working on Tic Toc.

    I love home school too.