Monday, April 30, 2012


My entry for the letter Z is Zelda for the A to Z challenge. Now I mean the game as a whole and just not the character. Anyways, this subject wasn’t planned but just came to the top of my head. I literally have just sat down at 7:51 AM on Saturday the 28th of April, wondering what to do for the letter Z. Zelda popped into mind and why not? I do enjoy the games and they are one of my favorites.

The Legend of Zelda has always been an inspiration for my current WIP just like Metroid has been an inspiration for my science fiction novel I’m also working on. Now although I find some of my inspiration in video games, I hope my plots, characters, and story as a whole is better than that of video games.

When I say they inspire me, I don’t mean that they are what I measure my story to but only that they knock me into the writing mood for the specific genre. When I play the Zelda games, I find myself craving to write about fantasy and adventure while playing games such as Metroid, I crave writing about science fiction, adventure, and mystery.

From what I have read, there are two kinds of writers, the ones who have to feel the excitement of the story and others who don’t care to I suppose. Well, I’m most defiantly the one who has to feel the excitement; so playing Zelda is a means to knock me into the fantasy genre mood where I can write with more passion I guess you would say.

Although I have typically been happy with the plot lines in the games, I must reiterate my defense and say that I do not measure my stories to them. Video games are usually lacking in character development and sometimes the stories aren’t as well developed as they could be. I would have to say that underdeveloped plots inspire to me to do better. Sometimes I’ll watch a movie or play a game that really is just lame but I like to think how I would make it better. I can do this in writing and I try to make unique plots.

So that’s it for my post and this is the last of the A to Z challenge. I’m glad I participated and we’ll see what happens when it comes back around. Thanks for stopping by!    

Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today for the A to Z challenge I have chosen the word yuck. I’m really coming to the end of my ideas so I may be stretching this a little bit but my subject is concerning four pet peeves of mine just off the top of my head.

I must make a defense first however of this topic. One of the definitions of yuck is something unpleasant. Well, these pet peeves are certainly unpleasant. Although their nothing you would call disgusting per say, they certainly agitate me.

These are my four pet peeves:
Ø  Conservatives who don’t realize that they hold onto the very same principles that have taken liberals where they currently are now. Ultimately both liberals and conservatives are heading the same direction just at different rates and with slightly different views.
Ø  Conservatives who aren’t willing to tackle the core roots of the problems in America.
Ø  People who decry homeschooling as an institution that will render one unable to function properly in life all though statistics show otherwise. It seems to me that these handicapped homeschoolers are doing pretty well in life. I’m glad I’m one of them.
Ø  Facebook and forwarded emails that accuse you of not loving Jesus Christ if you don’t forward or repost whatever it is that they want you to forward or repost. The Bible says many will stand before him and say, “Not everyone who says to Me, Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Yours name? And then I will declare to them, I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness! Matt 7:21-23. I wonder how many of those people are the ones who didn’t repost.
These are the four that come to mind but I’m sure there’s more. Again, it is a stretch I think associating these with the word yuck but I’m running out of ideas. So, yuck, these things are so unpleasant to me.      

Friday, April 27, 2012


X- Mon is my pick for the letter X in the A to Z challenge. When my brother and I were kids we enjoyed the Poke’mon show and collecting the cards even though we never really played the game; we did play the video games however.

I remember when I was young, my brother and I would watch the show with our mom and we enjoyed it as a family. We liked it so much that we began to make up our own Poke’mon creatures and draw them; however, as we got older I guess playing something off of TV seemed immature for our age, so we made up our own story and called it X-Mon.

The story’s setting is, a world humanity discovers and populates. On this planet, which I cannot remember its name, are creatures with strange powers, like Poke’mon, and they could be taken as pets and trained to battle. Instead of Poke’balls they had small throwing disk that turned out to accomplish the same task just as well.

Among men and X-Mon, you then had the X- Fighters. These characters had the ability to fuse temporally with their X-Mon to fight off the villains. Our X-Mon must have adopted Digimon elements along the way.

One of the greatest villains I can remember was an alien species known as the Planters. They were a parasitic alien and could inhabit and control its host(They planted themselves inside of their host). These villains sought to take the planet as their own but first would have to go through the X- Fighters.

As most of my current stories today have stolen elements from previous ones, X-Mon is no exception. I forget sometimes but many of my current stories do in fact possess elements from it. The particular X-Fighter that was the main character I played as in X-Mon name was Jainick; the name more so than the character was transplanted into my current WIP. He possesses no ability to fuse with creatures of unique abilities or is anything of a heroic fighter, yet.

The villainess group known as the Planters too have been transplanted in another story of mine; not the one with Jainick but another. This group’s name was changed however to Abons which was then changed to Playgeians; Abons are now a special military force within the Playgeian government.

Also, out of the Planters was my favorite villain, Tiedroe. If you have been keeping up with my other entries on the challenge, then you already know a little bit about who he is. He was the subject for my letter T and is now known as Stalazar who is air to the throne in the Playgeian government. It is he who will determine which alien species is worthy to be assimilated into their society.  

Sometimes I miss the adventures of these old characters in X-Mon but enjoy immensely their new places and those adventures. I’ll never forget the fun times I had with my brother, pretending to be X-Fighters who fought to save the world from both Planters and other powerful Villains. They were fun times indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and I hoped you enjoyed!




Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wayword Scarn

Wayword Scarn is the subject today for the letter W in the A to Z challenge. Many of the characters I have described throughout this challenge have been villains, and here again is another villain from my WIP.

Wayword Scarn is a smuggler who delivers a weapon of mass destruction into the hands of the terrorist cell Geira. He is only seen once in the story but despite the small appearance he makes, such great terror results from his work. His craving for money outweighs any convictions of morals or considerations of resulting consequences of his dealings with terrorist.

Upon all his meetings with clients, he takes around two body guards with phantom abilities. They follow him anywhere he goes and kills any living person Mr. Scarn sicks them on. Their ability to disappear into shadows allows them the element of surprise and elusiveness to escape any opponent. The origin of these abilities are never known and it is questionable whether they are even human.

Scarn is no smuggler to be taken lightly. He has many friends in high places and has constructed an elaborate network of connections that can keep him cloaked from the eyes of governments and buy his freedom if caught. It cannot be forgotten too that if one seeks to get to Scarn, they must go through two phantoms first. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Valengribe is my post for the letter V in the A to Z challenge. In my first written book that is in the process of being edited, Valengribe is a tribe of vampires. They are the most feared of all and roam the treacherous terrains of the Deldaron woods.

Malceraz, the chief of the tribe, the deadliest vampire known, has a love of toying with his prey. He establishes and organizes games in the tribe by allowing their captives a chance to freedom. If one can slay a vampire, they may go free but such a thing is nearly impossible as vampires are much more agile, quicker, and resilient. This hopeful chance is nothing more than just a means of gory entertainment as the victim struggles against his vampire opponent.

Falling prey to any other tribe is deemed fortunate when compared to Valengribe. They are the most elusive of all other tribes and every militia has failed to squash their insolence and crimes. Valengribe doesn’t get found unless they want to be found. The mere mention of their name strangles conversations and causes all to shutter.   

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For the A to Z challenge for the letter U, I have chosen Uglie. It is the name of my blog and my first book that is currently in the editing process. First off, the Uglie is the primary villain in the story and is a genie of sorts. It serves the one who awakens it but has a strong persuasive influence that it uses to achieve its own agenda rather than its master’s.  

A further description of the story is below:

Jainick a young man who lives with his family in the poverty stricken village of Jorn struggles with the rest of his siblings to put supper on the table each day.  With the sudden devastation and pillaging of Jorn by the feared race of zombies, Jainick is captured and carried away. But taking his chance for freedom, he finds himself embarking on a journey against wizards, vampires, and a mystical creature called the Uglie. A journey to salvage five keys which, in the wrong hands, will bring the end of their world and bring into existence another. 

Further details:

First of all I must say more on the zombies. They aren't the typical kind, since typically zombies don't pillage, devastate for sure, but pillaging not usually. This kind is more intelligent and are able to carry and operate machinery of mass destruction. I imagine them to look something between an Orc and the typical zombie we're all used to. However, out of respect for the original zombie, I have made a place for them too in my fantasy adventure.

To the main character now, Jainick, who escapes the hands of the zombie captors, eventually meets allies to accompany him on his journey. The first being Mortagragh, either a vampire or elf; they are indistinguishable. Mortagraph claims the latter, but there are skeptics. The second ally is the Great Glen Fockner, an agent for the empire and dread to zombies. However, in this adventure he is going to be facing off against deadly foes much more dangerous than that of zombies.

So I’m excited about the story and hope others will enjoy it as much as I have when it is published. I hope that time will be soon but I must restrain myself and be patient; as I do not want to put out a poorly developed story. Thanks for reading.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Tidroe is a character of mine that doesn’t exist anymore, but in a way still does. Ever since I was just a young child I liked developing story plots and characters to act out the plots and Tidroe was one of those characters.

As I got older he began to morph into something else and was uprooted from the original story he belonged in. For a while he hopped from plot to plot until at last he found a story he would call home once and for all; however, from his frequent transplants from story to story, his character had changed quite a bit and I am not sure if I could ever think of him as the man I once called Tidroe.

Yes, his name is no longer Tidroe as that changed too. It changed three times in fact. It went from Tidroe, to Kidroe, and finally Stalazar. Personally I prefer the latter name much more than the prior.

Anyways, the jest of his character is the same. He is an extraterrestrial being that seeks conquest. I enjoy thinking about where he has come from and who he is now. I like his character exceedingly well but wonder if I could ever consider him as the same alien I once new as Tidroe. Perhaps this Tidroe character will reappear as an independent being one day and wouldn’t it be interesting if he happened to be some great adversary of Stalazar? 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snige Tree

Snige Tree is the topic for the letter S today. This is one of my favorite creations in my WIP and will try to explain them to the best of my ability in a concise manner.

Snige Trees aren’t really trees. It is an animal that grows in the appearance of a tree and acts mostly like a tree. However, rather than having bark as its hide, it has actual flesh and fur that grows thick. Beneath the hide are its eternal organs that are protected by a thick bony skeleton. From bottom to top, rings of ribs go.

Their height may extend to three hundred feet and their trunks ten feet wide. They don’t grow straight but wined upwards with awkward twist and strange curves. The forest floors of snige trees are rugged with their twisting tangled roots as well as the hairy branches above that twist into each other.

The fruit that is a delicacy to the people of this world is the snige seeds; again these seeds aren’t really seeds but boney pods that carry the early stages of the creature. The snige seed upon hatching is something like a spider and crab. They have a hard outer shell with prickly hairs and fangs like a spider. They can grow as large as a big dog and as nasty tempered as a badger.

These seeds, if not caught and eaten, bury themselves in the ground within a year after hatching, after food gathering, and begin to sprout into what will someday be a magnificent creature among all others alike.

These are the Snige Trees; a wonder among the people in this fictional world and delicacy nobles will pay for.  


Friday, April 20, 2012

Robert Knarles

For R I will be explaining the character Robert Knarles. He isn’t a major character in my WIP but I thought he was worth blogging about. Although he does little in the plot, he certainly has an interesting life.

He is an ISD agent which stands for Intelligence and Strategic Defense. This agency is much like the CIA but in the future, where this story takes place, ISD is the new CIA. Knarles is a spy who started young at sixteen.

During that time in his life a terrorist group known as the EC (Environmental Core) terrorized humanity across the galaxies. The EC saw it as their duty to cleanse the universe from man and did so by using guerilla tactics upon civilians. Another effective strategy of theirs was sabotage of governments from the inside out. This feat was accomplished by seeking out disgruntled antisocial children and recruiting them to wreck havoc amongst their government. Overtaking governments proved easy when they were ravaged against by their own civilians.

To stop this terrorist threat, the ISD recruited ages from fourteen to sixteen to provide intelligence on the EC recruiters. Agent Robert Knarles played as a disgruntled antisocial child that attracted the eyes of the EC. Finding the recruiters led to quick capture of them and the EC was left without weak governments to destroy.

With strong governments, the EC’s era of terror declined until completely diminished. This was how Knarles began his carrier as a spy and becomes one of the best. During the time my WIP takes place at, Knarles has taken on a new mission; that is, take down the new illusive terrorist organization known as Geria.  

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quidel Xhian

Q stands for Quidel Xhian which is a society of vampires that refuse to take part in the act of drinking blood. It is unlawful and any vampire that drinks blood is a fugitive who the Quidel Xhian will put to death if they are caught.

Although these vampires refuse to participate in such action, they aren’t necessarily the good guys either. They see themselves as better than both blood drinking vampires and humans. They look down on societies and never fail to enjoy raising themselves up on pedestals.

This society has an agenda and wish to implement it and any human or vampire that stands in their way will not be tolerated. They see it as a crime to drink blood but they have no trouble with spilling it with other means. This is the Quidel Xhian, a group to be wary of.   

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Playgeians are an essential villainous group in my WIP. They are an extraterrestrial life form that threatens humanity and actually consist of several extraterrestrial  species but are known as one because of the Playgeian insect that lives within them. These insects are much the size of maggots and burrow down into ones flesh to lay their eggs. However, these larva don’t eat their way through their host alive when they hatch but hatch upon the host’s death. The host’s corpse is the environment the larva need for hatching.

So it is a symbiotic relationship between the host and Playgeian bug. They need us for procreation but the host receives certain benefits. One who carries the eggs of the Playgeian has a second life after death. Each batch that hatches must seek out another host and on finding them, the original host’s consciousness is implanted upon the new host. The insects completely wipe out the victims consciousness and implants the original host’s.

This is how a Playgeian may live on after death, in another person’s body and even an alien’s body. This is what makes this alien alliance known as Playgeians such a threat to humanity. They seek to assimilate them into their kind but that means replacing every person’s consciousness with another of their own.     

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today I’m really winging it for the A to Z challenge. O has proven difficult for me to blog about. At first I thought I had something to blog about this letter but it fell through. So finally out of desperation, I chose Order.

Order is wonderful. I tend to procrastinate myself but whenever I force myself to follow a schedule in an orderly manner, I feel at peace. It is so nice not to be frantically rushing around trying to finish everything last minute and instead I feel quite wonderful.

Now if I had only acted more orderly before the A to Z challenge, I can imagine how much better I would feel. My plan was originally to map out every topic for every letter before the challenge had begun, but I procrastinated. I then thought I would try to stay a few days ahead, but I procrastinated. So here I am frantically trying to put a blog together that’s about a topic with the letter O. Hopefully next time I will seek to be more orderly before the next challenge begins. I love order, but pursue it little.   

Monday, April 16, 2012


Today for the A to Z challenge it is time for the letter N. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to think up anything spectacular and now it’s time for my N post but I had nothing. So this topic is a spur of the moment idea.

I’m going to talk a little about a man named Nalic in my WIP. He is a villain the protagonist encounters probably only twice in the story but is killed before anything of him can really be known. Although his role in the terrorist group Geira is important, very little is seen of him or known which is a bit of a shame I feel.

He is an Abon and therefore is addressed as Abon Nalik. An Abon is an elite soldier for a people that collaborates with the terrorist group Geira to destroy humanity. Abon Nalik  is alien. In essence, he is a killing machine, the best of the best of the Abon Guard. However, his might is never seen in this particular story because he is betrayed and shot to death. It is unfortunately to have a  villain with such potential to be a great villain in a story to die so suddenly but I suppose it is realistic. Sometimes the best of the best don’t go down in glory. 

Saturday, April 14, 2012


In my WIP Mortraxhian is a psychopathic killer who is mute because his tongue was cut out long ago as a punishment for his early crimes. This does not render him speechless however. Mortraxhian has the ability of mental telepathy and has acquired other magical abilities.

One of his deadliest skills is the ability to turn two dimensional. This grants him the ghostly ability to go through locked doors. As a two dimensional figure, he can slide through any available crack; like a door and its door jam.

To add more to his deadly countenance, he possesses an enchanted breast plate of armor that is made up of individual links in the shapes of feathers. He can multiply these links and have them take any form on his body. These links are sharp as a razor yet as sturdy as steel. With this ability to command each individual link, he can put it in the form of a sword, razor whip, or an array of throwing knifes.

Nothing pleases him more then to toy with his prey before cutting their throat. He always has had a fascination with using his sharp toys on living flesh. He is a dangerous menace that must be stopped. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Leap Missiles

Years into the future when my WIP takes place, when man has left the bounds of earth living and make new homes on new worlds, there are Leap Missiles. This new invention makes it nearly impossible to hide.

Leap Missiles from their origin can teleport to any target in the galaxy. All they need are the coordinates and they can leap to any destination for a startling missile strike. In this age, missile ships fire upon each other galaxies apart. This is an age where one doesn’t necessarily ever see the enemy they fight because the battle grounds are light years apart.

The only form of protection from these are jamming frequencies that prevent these leap missiles from reaching their target. However, if these frequencies ever failed, then a missile strike anytime anywhere literally can appear on your  front doorstep.   


Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today my post for the letter K is for Knelts. He is an average character in my WIP with no real prestige. However, when he is sent on a military ops mission his average status seems not to be so average anymore. When the terrorist start going out of their way to protect him and even call him an ally, something fishy is definitely going on.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jonah Bryke

 Imagine a scenario concerning a cop who goes undercover in the cities’ worst mafia. His objective is to climb the ranks and tear them down from the top down. In this process he becomes well known among the citizens of the city as the meanest and badest crook in town.

Then let’s say the police department he works for burns down and every individual who knew of his undercover work dies or is discredited. All the paperwork and documents that proves his true identity is destroyed and the only one left is his cover.

He’s left as the crook, everyone believes it and other police departments put out a warrant for his arrest. With the mafia still at large and as dangerous as ever to society, this cop dedicates himself to continue his work with bringing them down while running from the authorities too.

This is a picture of the life of Jonah Bryke who is the protagonist in one of my WIPs. Except the mafia is led by an alien intelligence, who wishes for universal dominion, and this all takes place in another world and realm with strange mysteries and creatures.

while running from the very government he protects. His only wish is to return home as who he was after taking down this group but whether his innocents will ever be proven isn’t certain.    

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


IFO is the acronym for Insignificant Floating object. In one of my WIPs, the main character makes a living of treasure hunting in space. Ever since man began to explore deeper into space, abandoned alien ships and wreckage is found floating adrift. Some are the tombs of ancient civilizations.

My character looks for these ships and explore them for valuable treasure which could be about anything. Certain companies pay well for ancient technology and the never before seen. He has an eye for valuable technology, and anything other he calls IFOs, Insignificant Floating Objects.      

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hunger Games

On today’s post for the A to Z challenge, I wanted to express my own personal perspective over the controversy concerning the Hunger Games. My emphasis is not to make a case against all critics of the movie but just the Christian critics.

Some have decried the movie for glorifying the slaughter of children and for being a bad influence on our children’s minds. The author of one article I read claimed that she regrettably took her two daughters to see this movie in which they became terrified of everything that went on in the story and in turn put them in angst. She claims that the movie may have emotionally scarred them.

I respect her opinion, but I must say I was disappointed by her argument. I fear that she has missed an excellent teaching opportunity for her children and has fallen into a dangerous pit that many Christians have fallen into which threatens our society.

I see Christians decrying any movie with death, murder, or violence; making them out to be the greatest evil inventions of man. It’s true that there is a scenario of murder in the Hunger Games but claiming that it seeks to entertain us by such is extreme. I have seen movies that glorify death and this particular movie was far removed from those. I believe the opposite is true.

The movie depicts a society (the Capitol) that finds entertainment in watching children murder each other until there is one remaining survivor. Katniss, the protagonist of the movie defies the Capitol’s atrocities by showing respect for human life. In one of the scenes a young girl named Rue is speared to death by one of the other kids, but in response to this Katniss decorates the body in funerary flowers for everyone in the Captitol to see. Is this glorying murder? In the end too, the two characters Peeta and Katniss are left and one of them is expected to kill the other in order to win. Instead, she defies the Capitol again by attempting a double suicide which brings the Gamemakers to cave in and name both of them the victors. Nothing in the movie ever condoned what the Capitol did to children.

The fact is, these kinds of atrocities are very real and although we might not see a society that expresses this, a situation like the Capitol does, we can see it in other situations. Every day babies are aborted, kids are sold into the sex slave trade, and some are forced into militant groups. Look into the past, people have been thrown into arenas to be killed by lions or gladiators. We must realize that it is a very possible thing for something like the Hunger Games to really happen again as it did in the time of the Romans.

What this distraught mother could have taught her daughters was that mankind is evil. I believe it is wrong to keep your children ignorant of this and teach them that the world is rosy and beautiful. In the Hunger Games is a message warning against the evils man is capable of and here are Christians calling the messenger evil itself.

I wonder if a government like the Capitol depicted in the story would let a movie like the Hunger Games be made. I think not; because the message in this movie decries such evils. A government like that would only be undermining themselves.

I heard a professor once say that on about every corner in Cuba is an Opera house. I think we should all consider this for a moment and think what it means. An effective way a government keeps people from rising against them in rebellion is by providing entertainment in abundance. With entertainment people become distracted from government atrocities and grow not to care anymore.

Christians freak out when such movies with horrific dilemmas come out and they make it out as such evil. Kids need to be trained to discern this content, not sheltered from it. There will be a time when they go out on their own in the real world and they need to be ready.

We need to approach every movie with discernment and search out the message it tries to convey, even the ones with immoral messages. If the Hunger Games indeed had been glorifying the slaughter of children, the same valuable lesson could be learned and possibly even in a stronger sense. Yes, I think it would be dangerous for someone to watch such a movie with the sole intention of being entertained, but he or she must watch with discernment and evaluate the message and whether it’s true or not. Maybe your children won’t understand it, but then there is your opportunity to teach them.

These kinds of movies should be sought out to learn from. Granted, there are some movies out there one should just stay clear of. But seeking only movies that depict a world without death, murder, violence, and other awful dilemmas is only going to cause our society to crater. If we don’t understand man’s evilness then how can we struggle against it? Making our kids ignorant won’t make evil go away. Evil is out there, it is in man and it isn’t always so clear since we have grown desensitized. We need to know how to discern against it.  

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Geira is an ellusive terrorist organization in one of my WIPs. Little is known of what they plan or are about but intelligence suspects them to be stockpiling illegal weapons and organizing a deadly army. They are found operating in the far reaches of space posing as a mining colony, but what goes on beneath the mines is plan for a new order in the universe.

When a special unit is dispatched to the mining colony to apprehend Bruce Piot, who leads the operation, and to find new leads. The mission is a failure and only one out of the specially trained unit walks out alive, but without evidence to back up his claims of what went down.

Geira disappeared leaving only an abandoned mining facility and no hard evidence except for the word of that single surviving soldier. His claim goes as is: The terrorists were paying off a mysterious character by the name Wayward Scarn to smuggle a weapon of mass destruction into their hands. This unknown weapon was called Geira and therefore comes the terrorist's name.

Further, his claim goes that it was only by the word of another operative of an unknown government present that day that he was told of this weapon's potential for destruction and the urgency to destroy it. What the weapon exactly is was not discovered.  With the lack of evidence and further leads the government is forced to file it away under the classified section and wait till Geira shows itself again, which may be too late.

Friday, April 6, 2012


His name is Glen Fockner. In the fantasy world of my WIP he is both an agent and hero to the empire he serves. He carries the title "zombie slayer" as this is where his road to fame began. It all began for him after his city was sieged by the feared race they know as zombies. He was captured and was to be brought back to the zombie’s country; however, during one night after the monsters lopped off his right arm to feast on it, he made a miraculous escape. With only one arm he slaughtered every zombie in that encampment that night and survived to fight more. With state of the arc technology, he is equipped with a mechanical arm that operates by the use of levers and pulleys that connect to his tissue.

His years as zombie slayer diminish when the empire recruits him to be an investigative agent which brings about new adventures that add to his fame. He becomes much like a celebrity who everyone wants to say they’ve touched and seen in person.

In his years as an agent though, there comes a new threat against the empire he must face. A society of wizards he must run up against and fight, despite knowing nothing of the art. His struggle through this story is to expand his title as zombie slayer to that of wizard slayer.  

Thursday, April 5, 2012


E.F.S. stands for Equal Falling Society. It is a secret society that is known only by rumors spread abroad. Where it originated no one knows or how much truth there is in the rumors of it. Rumors are all they have to go by concerning this mysterious society.

In order to explain the purpose of the E.F.S., I must first explain the present situation in this tale. There are two groups that are at war with each other. One is known as the Authority and the others as the rebels. As implied by the status of rebel, the Authority is the initial government that rules, but their enemies fight against them for their freedom. To explain the Authority, they are a society of mad scientists who enforce their rule by the disposal of mercenaries. These scientists are not from this world but another. They view all citizens born here as lesser beings which their morality does not apply to. The people are enslaved and bred to be as guinea pigs for their research. One would find that the Authority does many good things, but with very immoral methods.

The rebels fight against this evil and try to free themselves of it. Their success is substantial but only because of a close ally known as Geira. Together they fight the Authority; however, this group known as Geira has their own agenda and they deceive the rebel leaders into promoting it which certainly will prove devastating to all life in the universe.

This is where the E.F.S comes in. They see the two evils on both sides and realize that because of the struggle between the two, they have kept each other in check. Destroying one would only allow the other to succeed and vice versa. So their strategy against this situation is as implied in the name, “Equal Falling,”

The E.F.S seeks to destroy both evils gradually by infiltration and sabotage from the inside. The dedicated individuals establish themselves among the offices governing each and little by little climb the ladder to power. They assure the balance among the two while also a steady decline; so while the two obliterate each other, the E.F.S watches and manipulates the events to ultimately bring about the collapse of both evils. The question only is, will they succeed, or has another much more cunning and deceitful individual discerned their methods and manipulated them in turn for his own agenda?     

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Deldaron is a vast treacherous forest and arrangement of mountains and valleys. It is more of a tropical jungle with tall trees and vines and hot and humid temperatures. Mazes of narrow and deep trenches follow the mountain ranges that tower high, thick with plant growth. It is this wild terrain that creates such a treacherous forest, but this is only minor to what other dangers wait.

One of its wonders are the great cylinder mountains that lie in the center of the forest. These large rock formations are towering cylinders on the tops of mountains that contain large vats of water that bubble up from springs. Throughout the day pillars of billowing steam will rise from the rocks creating a thick canopy of steam above in the sky, that make it impossible to locate the sun in the day. Treacherous is also the prolific hot springs that could boil a man’s flesh clean off.

But what makes the Deldaron truly treacherous are the prolific tribes of vampires that roam, seeking out victims to satisfy their craving for blood. Anyone who ventures through is rare to come back out.

The mystery still stands though, what mysteries lie in the center of the forest, where the great cylinder mountains lie. Only mad men risk such an adventure. Among all the tribes is the worst, Valengribe; if this is not what give fear to the name Vampire, then it is surely the vampire that leads them. Malceraz is his name. He taunts his victims by giving them a chance to freedom that is all but only futile. The mere mention of his name and tribe causes crowds to fall silent and shutter.

These are the things that make the Deldaron treacherous. Man stays clear at all cost and militia patrol the outskirts with acute caution. There is much treasure however in the center, where the cylinders stand, but either the brave or mad of mind dares to venture there.     

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In my wip, Coltoff is a character who passes away quick in the story from illness, leaving his only child, a daughter, alone in life. He has lived a quiet life in isolation with little socialization with any in the near village. Most think him strange and a disturbing fellow due to his appearance.

His skin is brown with black markings arranged over his body and posses sharp pointed ears that rise high. However the unappealing feature he possesses are the lips that are abnormally long and thick. Knowing little of his species, people are cautious and eerie of him and his family. Often stories and rumors will spread of what he is but no one knows what is truth.

After his death is when strange things begin to befall the village. Strange men who conceal their identity with hoods and heighted collars that cover their mouths, pass through in search of him; claiming that they have come to reclaim a key they have loaned to him. But this is not the only group looking for the key. Another arrives with threats against the village and posses strange powers over fire and death. It’s when this key is sought that the struggle to save the world begins. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

Basheik Tower

 In my first WIP the Basheik Tower is a black stone that rises like a tower out of the earth. It starts narrow but widens the higher it looms. Up to forty feet it stands silent and unmoved. There are five in all, spread across the continent in complete likeness of shape and texture. No one knows of the rocks beginning nor of the runes engraved in it.

It is a complete mystery and one that most have forgotten in years past. Over the past years as it stands still as it always has, vines have made home against it and up it and the birds have nested on the cleft in the unchanging rock.

As it looms silently and unmoved, among the people who have stopped questioning it, it awaits only for a small piece missing from its body. Like a key turning the lock in a door is this piece that unlocks the seal in the rock where its changing power lies. The ever terrifying power that will change ones earth to an entirely new, a new corrupt that darkens the skies. The nature’s cheer turn to wailing and those swirling clouds above let down rains that birth beast of fire and ash, rotting and dead, and feelings of sorrow and dread. This silent rock is this joyous earths utter demise.  From the living rock is the passing of one world into a new, where the Uglie thrive.   

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Abon Guard

An Abon Guard is an elite soldier for the house of vision among an extraterrestrial species. This house consists of a special and gifted species that see visions from past, present and future. Their minds are connected through time and in that way they share each other’s memories. For this alien empire, they are the greatest asset for their agenda for conquest and with them no enemy stands chance against them.

The Abon Guard has the highest responsibility of any soldier to protect this house and carry out the vision’s agenda. They are trained to be brutal and kill with nothing more than their hands but yet are trained also to fight with honor.

Any rebellion against the house is responded against with the mobilization of the Abon Guard which holds a record of quick containment of rebels. Killing an Abon is punishable by death as it is seen as a direct attack against the empire’s mission of conquest and ethic and the death of an Abon is treated as a death of a royal official.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First Campaign Challenge.

I am contestant #121 in the first Campaign Challenge by Rachael Harrie's. Let me know what you think.

Shadows crept across the wall although the only source of light was steady. Shadows tended to do that in the mansion. They remained mostly in the corners but overstepped their bounds into the light.
Joshua searched beneath the covers on the child’s bed looking for any clues about her disappearance. Sometime during the night, the young Clara had been taken from the safe confines of her bedroom, leaving the mother distraught.
He was no detective but he felt that any attempt to find the girl would only be for show. So he looked everywhere in the room which was comprised of little, a bed and a dresser with little commodities on top. The room was void of clues.
The bulb above dimmed to an orange glow, letting the shadows overtake the room. It was then that he noticed another glow on the floor; several dull lights barely visible were that of footsteps that went beneath the bed.  
Pulling it away from the wall, the footsteps stopped at the base where he noticed the soft glow on the wall. What he had first thought was the fading of paint earlier was the impression of a man with a girl draped in his arms.  The kidnapper walked through walls.

Monday, February 20, 2012

44 Questions about myself. Now You Know Me Inside And Out

Things got busy for me for a little while so I wasn’t able to respond to everything I was tagged in right away but here I am with some time. The first set of questions I was tagged in was Jennifer Fischetto.

1. What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do but don't?
Computer Graphic design.

2. If you could instantly know a foreign language (one you don't already know), which would it be?
Arabic, I don’t know why.

3. What is your first birthday memory?
Over at my Grandma’s when I was real young. I cut my own piece for the first time.

4. If you could go back to age 21 (assuming you're legal, lol), knowing what you know now, would you?
I’ll answer this in another three years.

5. If you went to your prom, was it everything you hoped? And if you didn't, do you regret it?
I am homeschooled and have never gone to prom and never really desire to. Big parties aren’t really my thing.

6. Would you rather: perfect health, complete wealth, or never aging?
I would have to go with complete wealth.

7. What is your favorite TV show from childhood?
I have always loved Sponge Bob.

8. Which is the best book you've read in the past year?
Oamen Grounds written by my brother. It hasn’t been published yet.

9. Which is your favorite book of all time?
Taken, by Dean Koontz.

10. Which kitchen appliance could you not live without (not including the basics, fridge, stove, and sink)?
It would have to be between a microwave or dishwasher… no, it would definitely be the coffee pot.

11. If you had to choose, would you rather use an outhouse or have no electricity, forever?
I love camping but I must have electricity at home.

The second is from Jacob Adams.

1.What is one author you can’t refuse?
Dean Koontz

2.Do you listen to music while writing or prefer silence?
Must have music at all cost.

3.To you, what is the hardest thing about writing?
Making yourself sit down and do it.
4.What is something that happened in your childhood that influenced your writing today?

My love to create stories and my mom’s first published novel. The Winds of the Molornu.

5.Movie night: comedy, Sci-fi, Romance, or Horror?
I’m always interested in a good Sci-fi flic.

6.What is your biggest pet peeve?
Conservatives who don’t realize they hold to liberal roots.

7.Favorite season?
I like spring but Fall is nice as well. Things slow down in fall.

8.What was the first book you simply could not put down?

Jurassic Park was really good.

9.If you could time travel (without the ability to influence the past), what time period?

The civil war time, so I could see what all really went down then.

10.Would you live on the moon or Mars if ever given a chance? Why or Why not?
If possible I’ll stay here on earth but between the two, I must pick the moon. It has a nice ambience and I have wondered what earth looks like from there.

11.What is the biggest thing that scares you?
Not knowing how you’re supposed to do something that has a deadline.

Here are the questions from Misha Gericke.

1.Do you believe in fate?
I believe in a sovereign God (Jesus Christ) who has the past present and future written out.

2. How the heck do you write and have a life?
Maybe I don’t have one. I work a job, do school, sleep and write when on my day off.

3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed?
Aragorn in Lord of the Rings.
4. Sweet or Savory?

5. What's your big dream?
Publish all my story ideas.
6. Fondest memory?
This is a hard one. Maybe when my brother and I played as the alien race known as the shadows.

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count)
More time in the day.

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one?
I like to write about people with exciting lives but I would be content  to have the latter.

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake?
Plenty of times. I work part time at a radio station and once have ejected a certain program out of the play list because I thought there was not enough time for it but found there was plenty. I had some angry callers.

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through?
I didn’t realize how to fix it until there was no time.

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done?
A little bit of both. I can’t stand red and green squiggly lines across my draft.

Here are my answers to Vicki Orians.

What two characters would you like to see battle each other?
Oh this is a good question. I could come up with lots of ideas but off the top of my head I would say Brike against Isaac Kierken.
   Who is your greatest inspiration?
When it comes to writing, it is my mom who has published two of her books.
  If you could change places with any book character, who would it be and why?
I’ll pick one of my own, Mortagragh. He’s quite stealthy and I’ve always wanted to be stealthy although my life hasn’t really called for it.
Sum up your current Wip in one sentence.
An invading enemy that does not realize there being manipulated to serve another person’s agenda.
Are you a plot-driven writer or a character-driven writer?
Definitely a plot-driven writer; however I like to try and come up with unique characters.
What is your biggest fear?
I think I answered this above in another set of questions.
When you walk into a book store, where do you go first?
Sci-fi and fantasy.
Cats or dogs?
  You’ve just been placed in the witness protection program. What’s your alias?
The name that has been pressing on my mind lately is Robert Knarles. However, if such a thing happened, I couldn’t use that alias now can I.
Would you rather live in outer space or under the sea? Why?
The sea; it is almost as much as a mystery to me as space.
  If you had to lose one of your senses, which one would you choose to live without?
This is a hard one. I think I would reluctantly give up smell. I love smells but I don’t think I could live without sight and hearing or the others.  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Origins, Where My Love of Story Telling Began

I signed up for the origins blogfest and wish to share with everyone where my passion for writing came from. 

I have never been a writer throughout my entire life but just in the past few years I really grew to love it. It actually started when I got my own laptop one Christmas that I forced myself to sit down and try to write a novel. It started well but then I got discouraged and I wasn't happy with how it was going. So I put it aside and hoped one day I could return to it with better ideas. 

It was an important story for me to try and finish because elements of it had been created since childhood. I might not have been a writer at that time but I certainly liked to make up stories. My brother and I, who are twins, developed these stories together and played them like one would play cowboys and indians, or a child pretending to be his favorite superhero. 

We came up with all sorts of aliens, our favorite being the Shadows, an alien being that could disappear in any present shadow. Of course we had the bad government agency called the Alien Hunters who believed all alien presences on earth were bad. But besides the Alien Hunters, the Shadow's great nemesis were the Red Shadows, an alien that cast a red shadow. Another common nemesis were the Gizon which was changed to Geria. We had several more alien groups out there known as, Playgeans, Phantoms, Pydrean, and Moon aliens, they were once shadows that died and now live on the moon. 

As we grew older, we both developed a liking to writing and thought we would write stories based on our past adventures we made up. This is why it was an important story I hoped to write one day and something I didn’t want to give up on.
That spring I got back into writing but started a new story that wound up being my first finished novel that only needs editing and finally publishing.

Coming to finish the fantasy, it was what really knocked me into the love of writing and now I’m overwhelmed with story ideas. The first novel I attempted  I’ve now returned to and am excited about all the new ideas I have for it and directions I want to take it.
As a child I loved to develop stories of fantasies and science fiction and now I hope to entertain others with my writing. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Is the Way to Ask About the Uglie?

Yes, I do know how to spell and the word Uglie (the title of my blog) has nothing to do with the word ugly. What is it then, or maybe the correct question should be who is it? No probably the first is right. Uglie is the name of one of my creations in my first complete novel that only awaits to be edited before publishing; so it's not so complete. It is the villain in my story and an Uglie is a mystical creature but this particular one never has his name revealed, not even to me. I wonder if they have names.

However, I get excited about this tale and decided to share a little bit of what it is about. This is my synopsis:

Jainick a young man who lives with his family in the poverty stricken village of Jorn struggles with the rest of his siblings to put supper on the table each day.  With the sudden devastation and pillaging of Jorn by the feared race of zombies,  Jainick is captured and carried away. But taking his chance for freedom, he finds himself embarking on a journey against wizards, vampires, and a mystical creature called the Uglie. A journey to salvage five keys which, in the wrong hands, will bring the end of their world and bring into existence another. 

Further details:

First of all I must say more on the zombies. They aren't the typical kind, since typically zombies don't pillage, devastate for sure, but pillaging not usually. This kind is more intelligent and are able to carry and operate machinery of mass destruction. I imagine them to look something between an Orc and the typical zombie we're all used to. However, out of respect for the original zombie, I have made a place for them too in my fantasy adventure.

To the main character now, Jainick, who escapes the hands of the zombie captors, eventually meets allies to accompany him on his journey. The first being Mortagragh, either a vampire or elf; they are indistinguishable. Mortagraph claims the latter, but there are skeptics. The second ally is the Great Glen Fockner, an agent for the empire and dread to zombies. However, in this adventure he is going to be facing off against deadly foes much more dangerous than that of zombies.

I think that's all I should say about it and  refrain from telling the story here and now. I hope to publish it soon and under the title Uglie. I think that is my final decision.       

Fourth Platform Building Campaign

I'm participating in the fourth platform building campaign. As a writer I hope to learn some tips on networking and publicizing my books, which have not actually been published yet but is in the process of editing. I want to be ready when they are.The Fourth Platform Building Campaign