Thursday, April 5, 2012


E.F.S. stands for Equal Falling Society. It is a secret society that is known only by rumors spread abroad. Where it originated no one knows or how much truth there is in the rumors of it. Rumors are all they have to go by concerning this mysterious society.

In order to explain the purpose of the E.F.S., I must first explain the present situation in this tale. There are two groups that are at war with each other. One is known as the Authority and the others as the rebels. As implied by the status of rebel, the Authority is the initial government that rules, but their enemies fight against them for their freedom. To explain the Authority, they are a society of mad scientists who enforce their rule by the disposal of mercenaries. These scientists are not from this world but another. They view all citizens born here as lesser beings which their morality does not apply to. The people are enslaved and bred to be as guinea pigs for their research. One would find that the Authority does many good things, but with very immoral methods.

The rebels fight against this evil and try to free themselves of it. Their success is substantial but only because of a close ally known as Geira. Together they fight the Authority; however, this group known as Geira has their own agenda and they deceive the rebel leaders into promoting it which certainly will prove devastating to all life in the universe.

This is where the E.F.S comes in. They see the two evils on both sides and realize that because of the struggle between the two, they have kept each other in check. Destroying one would only allow the other to succeed and vice versa. So their strategy against this situation is as implied in the name, “Equal Falling,”

The E.F.S seeks to destroy both evils gradually by infiltration and sabotage from the inside. The dedicated individuals establish themselves among the offices governing each and little by little climb the ladder to power. They assure the balance among the two while also a steady decline; so while the two obliterate each other, the E.F.S watches and manipulates the events to ultimately bring about the collapse of both evils. The question only is, will they succeed, or has another much more cunning and deceitful individual discerned their methods and manipulated them in turn for his own agenda?     

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