Tuesday, April 24, 2012


For the A to Z challenge for the letter U, I have chosen Uglie. It is the name of my blog and my first book that is currently in the editing process. First off, the Uglie is the primary villain in the story and is a genie of sorts. It serves the one who awakens it but has a strong persuasive influence that it uses to achieve its own agenda rather than its master’s.  

A further description of the story is below:

Jainick a young man who lives with his family in the poverty stricken village of Jorn struggles with the rest of his siblings to put supper on the table each day.  With the sudden devastation and pillaging of Jorn by the feared race of zombies, Jainick is captured and carried away. But taking his chance for freedom, he finds himself embarking on a journey against wizards, vampires, and a mystical creature called the Uglie. A journey to salvage five keys which, in the wrong hands, will bring the end of their world and bring into existence another. 

Further details:

First of all I must say more on the zombies. They aren't the typical kind, since typically zombies don't pillage, devastate for sure, but pillaging not usually. This kind is more intelligent and are able to carry and operate machinery of mass destruction. I imagine them to look something between an Orc and the typical zombie we're all used to. However, out of respect for the original zombie, I have made a place for them too in my fantasy adventure.

To the main character now, Jainick, who escapes the hands of the zombie captors, eventually meets allies to accompany him on his journey. The first being Mortagragh, either a vampire or elf; they are indistinguishable. Mortagraph claims the latter, but there are skeptics. The second ally is the Great Glen Fockner, an agent for the empire and dread to zombies. However, in this adventure he is going to be facing off against deadly foes much more dangerous than that of zombies.

So I’m excited about the story and hope others will enjoy it as much as I have when it is published. I hope that time will be soon but I must restrain myself and be patient; as I do not want to put out a poorly developed story. Thanks for reading.


  1. My appetite is well and truly whetted!

  2. Well good. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Sounds very interesting. I want know more about those keys :)