Friday, April 20, 2012

Robert Knarles

For R I will be explaining the character Robert Knarles. He isn’t a major character in my WIP but I thought he was worth blogging about. Although he does little in the plot, he certainly has an interesting life.

He is an ISD agent which stands for Intelligence and Strategic Defense. This agency is much like the CIA but in the future, where this story takes place, ISD is the new CIA. Knarles is a spy who started young at sixteen.

During that time in his life a terrorist group known as the EC (Environmental Core) terrorized humanity across the galaxies. The EC saw it as their duty to cleanse the universe from man and did so by using guerilla tactics upon civilians. Another effective strategy of theirs was sabotage of governments from the inside out. This feat was accomplished by seeking out disgruntled antisocial children and recruiting them to wreck havoc amongst their government. Overtaking governments proved easy when they were ravaged against by their own civilians.

To stop this terrorist threat, the ISD recruited ages from fourteen to sixteen to provide intelligence on the EC recruiters. Agent Robert Knarles played as a disgruntled antisocial child that attracted the eyes of the EC. Finding the recruiters led to quick capture of them and the EC was left without weak governments to destroy.

With strong governments, the EC’s era of terror declined until completely diminished. This was how Knarles began his carrier as a spy and becomes one of the best. During the time my WIP takes place at, Knarles has taken on a new mission; that is, take down the new illusive terrorist organization known as Geria.  

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