Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today I’m really winging it for the A to Z challenge. O has proven difficult for me to blog about. At first I thought I had something to blog about this letter but it fell through. So finally out of desperation, I chose Order.

Order is wonderful. I tend to procrastinate myself but whenever I force myself to follow a schedule in an orderly manner, I feel at peace. It is so nice not to be frantically rushing around trying to finish everything last minute and instead I feel quite wonderful.

Now if I had only acted more orderly before the A to Z challenge, I can imagine how much better I would feel. My plan was originally to map out every topic for every letter before the challenge had begun, but I procrastinated. I then thought I would try to stay a few days ahead, but I procrastinated. So here I am frantically trying to put a blog together that’s about a topic with the letter O. Hopefully next time I will seek to be more orderly before the next challenge begins. I love order, but pursue it little.   

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