Tuesday, April 3, 2012


In my wip, Coltoff is a character who passes away quick in the story from illness, leaving his only child, a daughter, alone in life. He has lived a quiet life in isolation with little socialization with any in the near village. Most think him strange and a disturbing fellow due to his appearance.

His skin is brown with black markings arranged over his body and posses sharp pointed ears that rise high. However the unappealing feature he possesses are the lips that are abnormally long and thick. Knowing little of his species, people are cautious and eerie of him and his family. Often stories and rumors will spread of what he is but no one knows what is truth.

After his death is when strange things begin to befall the village. Strange men who conceal their identity with hoods and heighted collars that cover their mouths, pass through in search of him; claiming that they have come to reclaim a key they have loaned to him. But this is not the only group looking for the key. Another arrives with threats against the village and posses strange powers over fire and death. It’s when this key is sought that the struggle to save the world begins. 

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