Sunday, April 1, 2012

Abon Guard

An Abon Guard is an elite soldier for the house of vision among an extraterrestrial species. This house consists of a special and gifted species that see visions from past, present and future. Their minds are connected through time and in that way they share each other’s memories. For this alien empire, they are the greatest asset for their agenda for conquest and with them no enemy stands chance against them.

The Abon Guard has the highest responsibility of any soldier to protect this house and carry out the vision’s agenda. They are trained to be brutal and kill with nothing more than their hands but yet are trained also to fight with honor.

Any rebellion against the house is responded against with the mobilization of the Abon Guard which holds a record of quick containment of rebels. Killing an Abon is punishable by death as it is seen as a direct attack against the empire’s mission of conquest and ethic and the death of an Abon is treated as a death of a royal official.


  1. Very interesting. I can not remember if I have seen or heard this someplace else before, but whether it is original or a posting of another work, it is amazing. I look forward to more posts from you.

  2. Thank you! The idea is my own but it seems sometimes that others come up with similar ideas. Some say that their is no such thing as an original ideas but as writers we need just to give it a unique twist.