Friday, April 27, 2012


X- Mon is my pick for the letter X in the A to Z challenge. When my brother and I were kids we enjoyed the Poke’mon show and collecting the cards even though we never really played the game; we did play the video games however.

I remember when I was young, my brother and I would watch the show with our mom and we enjoyed it as a family. We liked it so much that we began to make up our own Poke’mon creatures and draw them; however, as we got older I guess playing something off of TV seemed immature for our age, so we made up our own story and called it X-Mon.

The story’s setting is, a world humanity discovers and populates. On this planet, which I cannot remember its name, are creatures with strange powers, like Poke’mon, and they could be taken as pets and trained to battle. Instead of Poke’balls they had small throwing disk that turned out to accomplish the same task just as well.

Among men and X-Mon, you then had the X- Fighters. These characters had the ability to fuse temporally with their X-Mon to fight off the villains. Our X-Mon must have adopted Digimon elements along the way.

One of the greatest villains I can remember was an alien species known as the Planters. They were a parasitic alien and could inhabit and control its host(They planted themselves inside of their host). These villains sought to take the planet as their own but first would have to go through the X- Fighters.

As most of my current stories today have stolen elements from previous ones, X-Mon is no exception. I forget sometimes but many of my current stories do in fact possess elements from it. The particular X-Fighter that was the main character I played as in X-Mon name was Jainick; the name more so than the character was transplanted into my current WIP. He possesses no ability to fuse with creatures of unique abilities or is anything of a heroic fighter, yet.

The villainess group known as the Planters too have been transplanted in another story of mine; not the one with Jainick but another. This group’s name was changed however to Abons which was then changed to Playgeians; Abons are now a special military force within the Playgeian government.

Also, out of the Planters was my favorite villain, Tiedroe. If you have been keeping up with my other entries on the challenge, then you already know a little bit about who he is. He was the subject for my letter T and is now known as Stalazar who is air to the throne in the Playgeian government. It is he who will determine which alien species is worthy to be assimilated into their society.  

Sometimes I miss the adventures of these old characters in X-Mon but enjoy immensely their new places and those adventures. I’ll never forget the fun times I had with my brother, pretending to be X-Fighters who fought to save the world from both Planters and other powerful Villains. They were fun times indeed.

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