Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wayword Scarn

Wayword Scarn is the subject today for the letter W in the A to Z challenge. Many of the characters I have described throughout this challenge have been villains, and here again is another villain from my WIP.

Wayword Scarn is a smuggler who delivers a weapon of mass destruction into the hands of the terrorist cell Geira. He is only seen once in the story but despite the small appearance he makes, such great terror results from his work. His craving for money outweighs any convictions of morals or considerations of resulting consequences of his dealings with terrorist.

Upon all his meetings with clients, he takes around two body guards with phantom abilities. They follow him anywhere he goes and kills any living person Mr. Scarn sicks them on. Their ability to disappear into shadows allows them the element of surprise and elusiveness to escape any opponent. The origin of these abilities are never known and it is questionable whether they are even human.

Scarn is no smuggler to be taken lightly. He has many friends in high places and has constructed an elaborate network of connections that can keep him cloaked from the eyes of governments and buy his freedom if caught. It cannot be forgotten too that if one seeks to get to Scarn, they must go through two phantoms first. 

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