Monday, April 23, 2012


Tidroe is a character of mine that doesn’t exist anymore, but in a way still does. Ever since I was just a young child I liked developing story plots and characters to act out the plots and Tidroe was one of those characters.

As I got older he began to morph into something else and was uprooted from the original story he belonged in. For a while he hopped from plot to plot until at last he found a story he would call home once and for all; however, from his frequent transplants from story to story, his character had changed quite a bit and I am not sure if I could ever think of him as the man I once called Tidroe.

Yes, his name is no longer Tidroe as that changed too. It changed three times in fact. It went from Tidroe, to Kidroe, and finally Stalazar. Personally I prefer the latter name much more than the prior.

Anyways, the jest of his character is the same. He is an extraterrestrial being that seeks conquest. I enjoy thinking about where he has come from and who he is now. I like his character exceedingly well but wonder if I could ever consider him as the same alien I once new as Tidroe. Perhaps this Tidroe character will reappear as an independent being one day and wouldn’t it be interesting if he happened to be some great adversary of Stalazar? 

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