Friday, April 6, 2012


His name is Glen Fockner. In the fantasy world of my WIP he is both an agent and hero to the empire he serves. He carries the title "zombie slayer" as this is where his road to fame began. It all began for him after his city was sieged by the feared race they know as zombies. He was captured and was to be brought back to the zombie’s country; however, during one night after the monsters lopped off his right arm to feast on it, he made a miraculous escape. With only one arm he slaughtered every zombie in that encampment that night and survived to fight more. With state of the arc technology, he is equipped with a mechanical arm that operates by the use of levers and pulleys that connect to his tissue.

His years as zombie slayer diminish when the empire recruits him to be an investigative agent which brings about new adventures that add to his fame. He becomes much like a celebrity who everyone wants to say they’ve touched and seen in person.

In his years as an agent though, there comes a new threat against the empire he must face. A society of wizards he must run up against and fight, despite knowing nothing of the art. His struggle through this story is to expand his title as zombie slayer to that of wizard slayer.  

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