Monday, April 2, 2012

Basheik Tower

 In my first WIP the Basheik Tower is a black stone that rises like a tower out of the earth. It starts narrow but widens the higher it looms. Up to forty feet it stands silent and unmoved. There are five in all, spread across the continent in complete likeness of shape and texture. No one knows of the rocks beginning nor of the runes engraved in it.

It is a complete mystery and one that most have forgotten in years past. Over the past years as it stands still as it always has, vines have made home against it and up it and the birds have nested on the cleft in the unchanging rock.

As it looms silently and unmoved, among the people who have stopped questioning it, it awaits only for a small piece missing from its body. Like a key turning the lock in a door is this piece that unlocks the seal in the rock where its changing power lies. The ever terrifying power that will change ones earth to an entirely new, a new corrupt that darkens the skies. The nature’s cheer turn to wailing and those swirling clouds above let down rains that birth beast of fire and ash, rotting and dead, and feelings of sorrow and dread. This silent rock is this joyous earths utter demise.  From the living rock is the passing of one world into a new, where the Uglie thrive.   


  1. Great descriptions of the tower. Nice to meet you on the challenge.

  2. Interesting piece, James, with the whole idea of this tower.

    Nice to meet you, and welcome to the Challenge!

    A to Z Challenge Host