Saturday, April 7, 2012


Geira is an ellusive terrorist organization in one of my WIPs. Little is known of what they plan or are about but intelligence suspects them to be stockpiling illegal weapons and organizing a deadly army. They are found operating in the far reaches of space posing as a mining colony, but what goes on beneath the mines is plan for a new order in the universe.

When a special unit is dispatched to the mining colony to apprehend Bruce Piot, who leads the operation, and to find new leads. The mission is a failure and only one out of the specially trained unit walks out alive, but without evidence to back up his claims of what went down.

Geira disappeared leaving only an abandoned mining facility and no hard evidence except for the word of that single surviving soldier. His claim goes as is: The terrorists were paying off a mysterious character by the name Wayward Scarn to smuggle a weapon of mass destruction into their hands. This unknown weapon was called Geira and therefore comes the terrorist's name.

Further, his claim goes that it was only by the word of another operative of an unknown government present that day that he was told of this weapon's potential for destruction and the urgency to destroy it. What the weapon exactly is was not discovered.  With the lack of evidence and further leads the government is forced to file it away under the classified section and wait till Geira shows itself again, which may be too late.

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