Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jonah Bryke

 Imagine a scenario concerning a cop who goes undercover in the cities’ worst mafia. His objective is to climb the ranks and tear them down from the top down. In this process he becomes well known among the citizens of the city as the meanest and badest crook in town.

Then let’s say the police department he works for burns down and every individual who knew of his undercover work dies or is discredited. All the paperwork and documents that proves his true identity is destroyed and the only one left is his cover.

He’s left as the crook, everyone believes it and other police departments put out a warrant for his arrest. With the mafia still at large and as dangerous as ever to society, this cop dedicates himself to continue his work with bringing them down while running from the authorities too.

This is a picture of the life of Jonah Bryke who is the protagonist in one of my WIPs. Except the mafia is led by an alien intelligence, who wishes for universal dominion, and this all takes place in another world and realm with strange mysteries and creatures.

while running from the very government he protects. His only wish is to return home as who he was after taking down this group but whether his innocents will ever be proven isn’t certain.    

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