Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Deldaron is a vast treacherous forest and arrangement of mountains and valleys. It is more of a tropical jungle with tall trees and vines and hot and humid temperatures. Mazes of narrow and deep trenches follow the mountain ranges that tower high, thick with plant growth. It is this wild terrain that creates such a treacherous forest, but this is only minor to what other dangers wait.

One of its wonders are the great cylinder mountains that lie in the center of the forest. These large rock formations are towering cylinders on the tops of mountains that contain large vats of water that bubble up from springs. Throughout the day pillars of billowing steam will rise from the rocks creating a thick canopy of steam above in the sky, that make it impossible to locate the sun in the day. Treacherous is also the prolific hot springs that could boil a man’s flesh clean off.

But what makes the Deldaron truly treacherous are the prolific tribes of vampires that roam, seeking out victims to satisfy their craving for blood. Anyone who ventures through is rare to come back out.

The mystery still stands though, what mysteries lie in the center of the forest, where the great cylinder mountains lie. Only mad men risk such an adventure. Among all the tribes is the worst, Valengribe; if this is not what give fear to the name Vampire, then it is surely the vampire that leads them. Malceraz is his name. He taunts his victims by giving them a chance to freedom that is all but only futile. The mere mention of his name and tribe causes crowds to fall silent and shutter.

These are the things that make the Deldaron treacherous. Man stays clear at all cost and militia patrol the outskirts with acute caution. There is much treasure however in the center, where the cylinders stand, but either the brave or mad of mind dares to venture there.     

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  1. Great description! You have quite an imagination. I'm posting on forests for F tomorrow, so your post is something I relate to. I'm doing A to Z (Catherine Stine's Idea City), so pop on over if you like!