Saturday, April 21, 2012

Snige Tree

Snige Tree is the topic for the letter S today. This is one of my favorite creations in my WIP and will try to explain them to the best of my ability in a concise manner.

Snige Trees aren’t really trees. It is an animal that grows in the appearance of a tree and acts mostly like a tree. However, rather than having bark as its hide, it has actual flesh and fur that grows thick. Beneath the hide are its eternal organs that are protected by a thick bony skeleton. From bottom to top, rings of ribs go.

Their height may extend to three hundred feet and their trunks ten feet wide. They don’t grow straight but wined upwards with awkward twist and strange curves. The forest floors of snige trees are rugged with their twisting tangled roots as well as the hairy branches above that twist into each other.

The fruit that is a delicacy to the people of this world is the snige seeds; again these seeds aren’t really seeds but boney pods that carry the early stages of the creature. The snige seed upon hatching is something like a spider and crab. They have a hard outer shell with prickly hairs and fangs like a spider. They can grow as large as a big dog and as nasty tempered as a badger.

These seeds, if not caught and eaten, bury themselves in the ground within a year after hatching, after food gathering, and begin to sprout into what will someday be a magnificent creature among all others alike.

These are the Snige Trees; a wonder among the people in this fictional world and delicacy nobles will pay for.  



  1. I like the idea! So, tell us more. Are they good or evil? They sound good because of the fruit, but I smell something is up! lol

  2. I want a one! I really enjoyed reading this. Wonderful idea. Glad I popped by!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Whether their good or evil is difficult to determine as for the most part their just like any other animal but with a heightened aggressiveness. However, one might find them to be quite evil if come under the influence of an evil power.