Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Is the Way to Ask About the Uglie?

Yes, I do know how to spell and the word Uglie (the title of my blog) has nothing to do with the word ugly. What is it then, or maybe the correct question should be who is it? No probably the first is right. Uglie is the name of one of my creations in my first complete novel that only awaits to be edited before publishing; so it's not so complete. It is the villain in my story and an Uglie is a mystical creature but this particular one never has his name revealed, not even to me. I wonder if they have names.

However, I get excited about this tale and decided to share a little bit of what it is about. This is my synopsis:

Jainick a young man who lives with his family in the poverty stricken village of Jorn struggles with the rest of his siblings to put supper on the table each day.  With the sudden devastation and pillaging of Jorn by the feared race of zombies,  Jainick is captured and carried away. But taking his chance for freedom, he finds himself embarking on a journey against wizards, vampires, and a mystical creature called the Uglie. A journey to salvage five keys which, in the wrong hands, will bring the end of their world and bring into existence another. 

Further details:

First of all I must say more on the zombies. They aren't the typical kind, since typically zombies don't pillage, devastate for sure, but pillaging not usually. This kind is more intelligent and are able to carry and operate machinery of mass destruction. I imagine them to look something between an Orc and the typical zombie we're all used to. However, out of respect for the original zombie, I have made a place for them too in my fantasy adventure.

To the main character now, Jainick, who escapes the hands of the zombie captors, eventually meets allies to accompany him on his journey. The first being Mortagragh, either a vampire or elf; they are indistinguishable. Mortagraph claims the latter, but there are skeptics. The second ally is the Great Glen Fockner, an agent for the empire and dread to zombies. However, in this adventure he is going to be facing off against deadly foes much more dangerous than that of zombies.

I think that's all I should say about it and  refrain from telling the story here and now. I hope to publish it soon and under the title Uglie. I think that is my final decision.       


  1. Hey there! Thanks for the follow; I'm returning the favor. :)

  2. I like writers who try to invent as much as possible in their work. From the little I've read, this is a truly epic dystopian and one I truly believe will get published someday.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love meeting other young writers (you are young, right?); I haven't met a lot, but those I do find I try my very best to connect with on a daily basis.

    I'd like to learn more about your idea so hit me up whenever and maybe we can trade stories?

    Hope to see you on the blog campaign. Cheers!

    1. Yes, I am young. Eighteen years of age actually. I love to share stories, although my brother says I share to much about my own sometime; that's probably true. I often have to restrain myself from revealing the whole plot.

  3. The premise of the book sounds great. Zombies with the ability to operate machinery of mass destruction is a scary thought.